About Us

Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art that has been practised in Milton Keynes for more than 40 years.


We hold various classes for different age groups throughout the week. All our classes have qualified instructors, are friendly and are reasonably priced.  Anyone is welcome to join, the only initial requirements being loose comfortable clothing and an open mind.


We have to point out to you that TANG SOO DO is a physical fighting art and that there is a definite risk of injury during the course of training. However, every possible effort is made to ensure that these risks do not become reality and we can honestly state in all the years in Milton Keynes we have not seen or heard of any injury more serious than the cartilage problems, sprains, bruises and cuts common to all physical sports.


The purposes of studying TANG SOO DO are probably as numerous as the people who practice it, but there are certain ethics, rules and traditions which are adhered to in all classes of MOO DUK KWAN. Some of these may seem strange to anyone with no knowledge of oriental culture, but the serious student soon understands the reasons behind such thinking, such as bowing to one's opponent or sitting cross legged on the floor with eyes closed and thinking of nothing. Other rules are more easy to understand such as never intentionally hurt a fellow student or to keep nails short and not to wear jewellery. In general, a good guide is to respect both yourself and all your fellow martial artists, and from this all the other aspects of TANG SOO DO etiquette and philosophy should follow easily.


Anyone wishing to find out more about MOO DUK KWAN classes in the area is invited to come along to one of our classes or contact one of the instructors.


Milton Keynes Tang Soo Do is run by our Master Instructors:

Master Peter O'Toole

Master Adam Sukhnandan

Master Fred Daniel

With assistance from various MK TSD Instructors at locations across Milton Keynes.